Harvard Business Review using Live Feed technology for
magazine apps from HIPZONE, Inc.

LiveFeed enables publishers to deliver refreshed content and advertisements instantly to readers.

Los Angeles, CA, September 24, 2012 /PRBuzz/ Harvard Business Review, the leading publication for smart management thinking, has launched their new iPad app with the capability to update and distribute real-time content by utilizing software developed by HIPZONE – a leader in smart technology for publishers, retailers and multichannel content marketers. view article


HIPZONE Names Glen Graessley VP Sales - Former Aysling Director
Will Oversee Business Development

LOS ANGELES, CALIF (MMD Newswire) June 1, 2012 -- HIPZONE Inc., provider of leading enterprise mobile tablet applications, has named Glen Graessley as its new Vice President of Business. view article

HIPZONE announces license agreement to deliver its
Dynamic Framework™ 1.0 Mobile Platform Delivery product

Los Angeles, California (10 January 2012) – HIPZONE Inc. has been selected by Brown Printing Company to deliver mobile optimized content specifically for multiple devices with Dynamic Framework™ 1.0. view article

Premedia 2012: Your new life has arrived.

Joe Cha, President, HIPZONE (December 2011) - Five years ago, as the President of QuebecorWorld Premedia, I wrote an article in Gravure Magazine titled 'Premedia RIP.' Think of the famous quote attributed to Twain that 'rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated,' and anyone who saw that headline, didn't read the copy and still has a job in prepress might disagree. "Hey buddy, I'm still alive!" view article

Premedia RIP 1985-2008

Joe Cha, President, QUEBECORWORLD PREMEDIA (February 2008) - As print creators look toward what's ahead in our industry this year and beyond, it is finally time to bid a nostalgic farewell to one part of this business: my part. Traditional premedia as we know it has finally died. It belongs to a venerable chapter of print history, along with earlier great times in typesetting and film. Just as the dinosaurs passed before all our human race, we color separators leave museum artifacts behind that inspire awe in our younger generation. "Wow, you 'etched' dots?" view article