HIPZONE’s Integrated Media Planner (IMP) tool coordinates the development, digital rights and labor costs of content across an enterprise.

What is typically managed via spreadsheets and off the shelf database systems to manage multiple stories and staff across multiple media platforms can now be cared for in a single, unified web based application.


  • IDEATION AND CALENDAR. IMP's centralized repository lets editors approve, hold, share or discard story ideas. IMP's master calendar syncs with the database to identify upcoming milestone events based on previous story dates. The calendar provides production with approved story lists and schedules for every delivery platform.
  • CONTENT FLOW: IMP supports story-level tracking across all selected delivery platforms and versions. Every content project's details and status of can be viewed by department, date, team member or freelance contributor.
  • TASKS: IMP helps publishers keep track of every schedule, element and effort associated with a given project. Project tasks can be viewed by department, date, individual team member or freelancer. Users can start, stop or resume open tasks to accurately capture costs and update payment records.
  • CONTRACTS: IMP solves the challenge of assigning work items and tracking payments to staff, agencies and freelancers. IMP has powerful business information tools that manage complex digital rights agreements and freelancer contracts. IMP also provides publishers with the ability to upload payment approvals directly to their own enterprise financial system.
  • Benefits

  • ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION: IMP's open application programming interface supports integration with Content Management Systems or third party apps. IMP is delivered pre-integrated to K4 and Telescope.*
  • CUSTOMIZATION: User Interface and front end design is easily adapted to support client branding. Features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), and third party security integration are supported by the IMP platform's open architecture.
  • HOST FLEXIBILITY: The application can be self-hosted behind a firewall, or made available via Software as a Service model (SaaS) for a simple per-user monthly fee.
  • BUSINESS INFORMATION ACROSS LEVELS: Real-time reporting provides executives with "full cost of issue" information, and allows managers to monitor department progress against budgets. Staff can view specific tasks sorted by priority and/or due dates. IMP tracks content development within a master editorial calendar that contains costs by department, at every stage and level.
  • *K4 is a trademark of Vjoon Corp. Telescope is a trademark of North Plains. All rights reserved.
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    Dynamic Framework is a new bundled set of products,
    enabling you to quickly produce interactive tablet and
    mobile experiences on multiple devices.


    ArcFrame is a mobile tablet platform for the display of and interaction with digital content, and the only interactive mobile development platform on the market that has an application programming interface (API) to embed full native applications, making your content an experience-with a flexible support plan that enables clients to work with third parties or self host.


    • -Standard page flipping (swipe or custom motion)
    • -Portrait and landscape (spread views)
    • -Interactive version supporting all rendered version functionalities
    • -Supporting all Apple gestures
    • -Live Feed multimedia landing page NEW
    • -Video playback (on device or streaming)
    • -Audio playback (on device or streaming)
    • -Content viewing (on device or retrieved from server)
    • -Photo slideshow
    • -Facebook post to wall, Twitter


    • -Open API enables enterprise integration
    • -Platform can embed full app functionality
    • -Showcasing daily content along with
      bundled features and previews
    • -HTML5
    • -Host flexibility
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    TranZcribe is a revolutionary plug-in for Adobe InDesign® that allows design and production staff to vastly reduce the manual effort currently required by today's tablet publishing tools. TranZcribe ingests your current files and transforms your content to the 5 most popular mobile devices available today allowing seamless deployment of your content across multiple platforms.


    • -Transforms content pages to the 5 most popular mobile devices
    • -iOS & Android
    • -Simple drag and drop InDesign® plug-in installation for InDesign® 7.5 and 7.51 (CS5 and 5.5)
    • -Server side/cloud processing of XML/IDML files
    • -Returns both set and customized file dimensions
    • -Generates editable InDesign® files
    • -Maintains interactivity generated in Overlay Creator


    • -Leverages existing software tool
    • -Secure, low traffic load
    • -Reduces costs
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    Coming Soon ... EFT

    OpenEFT is the first open format for the exchange and rendition of magazine and other highly-designed, interactive content on tablets and mobile devices. The 2nd Draft of OpenEFT was posted for public comment on July 29, 2013.

    Check out http://www.idealliance.org/specifications/openeft